I’m Katharina. I love traveling, writing, yoga and complaining about society. Here you find stories about my travels, politics, dreams and our planet.



I write short stories, novels and tiny collections of anything. Sometimes they’re sad, sometimes funny but all of them carry a message. Can you find it?


That’s just what I studied and work.


All my money I spend for traveling. I’ve been to every continent except Australia and brought memories, some full of joy, some full of dismay.


There are many governments all around the world that are just stupid. On my travels I saw many things I really want to change. Bringing it to your attention is the first step.


German Abitur

2007 – 2015

School. Probably the most relaxed and fun time in my whole life.



10 months of solo traveling opened up so many perspectives. Yoga, the right yoga, came into my life and I started to rise in self love. My life changed faster than ever before.

Architecture studies

2015 – 2019

University. All I learned there was: Our society is terribly competing.


2020 – Present

I’m working because I am very, very broke. Next year I will go back to university… in Germany and Indonesia. Stay up to date and make sure you don’t miss this adventure!

Let’s create something together.