Hi, I’m Rini.

Nice that you found your way here. If you share my passion for short stories, the tiny beautiful things in life, and conscious living then you’ve come to the right place.

I am a digital nomad, sharing my travels, a yoga teacher, sharing my path, and an Ayurvedic health coach sharing my knowledge about body, mind, soul, and the right recipes to heal all of them.

Perhaps you will find the space to let your soul float and your mind wander. It’s lovely to have you here.


Thoughts to ponder

All paths ultimately lead to the same place, and that place is inside ofyou. It has been there all along. The only thing you need is the time, support, and inspiration to discover it. Once you do, you never lose… Continue reading Thoughts to ponder

Do you have a plan?

You don’t always need a plan. I didn’t have one when I started to travel 3 years ago, I still don’t have one now. A plan is something so rock solid, so limited and so closed off that right there,… Continue reading Do you have a plan?

Emotional resources

We’re all acting the best with the resources available to us at every moment. Your partner, your mother and your siblings always act with what’s available to them in the moment. It’s always their story, their feelings, their resources, not… Continue reading Emotional resources

Soul seeking

I seek my soul within. Taking time to wash my wounds in salty waters, cover old scars with fine sand and burn out the past with tropic sun on my skin. For the first time in my life, I take… Continue reading Soul seeking

Me and I

It’s only Me and I. In sweet, soft stillness in velvet, tender darkness we meet, caressing each other’s skin with gentle, timid strokes full of insecurities. Where are you?, asks the Me the I, but the I doesn’t know the… Continue reading Me and I

Finding presence

I might change the title to searching presence. Lately, I’ve been a lot in my head spinning around money, success, relationships, my lifestyle, and my choices. Being triggered by an environment mainly based on looks and typical success stories that… Continue reading Finding presence

Meditation sucks

A peaceful and quiet place. Maybe the beach, maybe a rooftop. The only sound comes from birds and the wind softly touching the palm trees. It’s early in the morning and the sun is just about to rise, touching and… Continue reading Meditation sucks


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