Hi, I’m Rini.

Nice that you found your way here. If you share my passion for short stories, the tiny beautiful things in life and traveling then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you will find the space to let your soul float and your mind wander. It’s lovely to have you here. Leave me comment below if you liked it or you have any inspiration, wishes or critic.


Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.


Die Maske tanzt, präsent in jedem Gesicht, und sie bleibt bis jemand das Schweigen bricht. Ob einer oder die gesamte Masse ist nicht relevant bleibt doch jeder gerne unerkannt. Surft anonym im Netz und bestellt was er braucht weil soziale Interaktion viel zu sehr schlaucht. Ein Geschenk in einer Gesellschaft in der sich jeder gerne… Continue reading Maskenball

The guardian of the forest

With ice cold fingers the fog reaches for the trunks of the ancient trees, shreds of cloud get caught in the protruding treetops. The trees hardly notice the time that passes for any other living being in the forest. It has no effect on the ancient giants that survive in the eternal fog. Time is… Continue reading The guardian of the forest

About boobs (free boobs)

When I was 15 I saw a picture of a girl on social media. She was a bikini model, perfect curves, soft skin, beautiful face, voluminous breast in symmetrical appearance and simply that what society describes as the perfect woman. Because I was at home I crossed a mirror minutes after I went through all… Continue reading About boobs (free boobs)

Nehmen und erkennen

Das was immer war nennt es jetzt Freiheit, Normalität wird zur Besonderheit und eine Selbstverständlichkeit zum Traum. Dadurch dass es nicht fliegen kann erkennt es, was für ein Privileg es war immer fliegen zu können. Dadurch dass es nicht atmen kann erkennt es, was für ein Geschenk der freie Atem immer war. Dadurch dass es… Continue reading Nehmen und erkennen

Weg, nur wohin?

Die Fernsucht – ein Gefühl das sich immer wieder, ganz klamm heimlich, in meinen Kopf stiehlt. Irgendwo im Hintergrund meiner Gedanken spielt es sich dann ab, das leichte Ziehen, das sanfte Vermissen und das unauffällige Sehen nach etwas, das gerade nicht erreichbar ist. Wenn man einmal angefangen hat mit dem Reisen kommt man nicht mehr… Continue reading Weg, nur wohin?

The beauty of humanity

Kathmandu, Nepal. In dust, smog and relentless midday sun a father carries his small girl on his arms. For the 5 minutes I walk behind them she smiles at me over his shoulder. Her smile is gorgeous, full of love, compassion, innocent curiosity and the excitement of an unlived life. When the two turn into… Continue reading The beauty of humanity


Dear friends, dear family, dear people,
Please listen, I want to tell you something. Something about me and, in the end, something about you.

I sing loud and very wrong to every song I barely know the text. Everywhere. I interrupt you because sometimes I really think that what I have to say is way more important than what you are saying or I simply can’t shut up. I am messy, super messy, and there are cloths mountains all over my room until I freak out and everything is super tidy but then I search something in my closet. I put myself over others, sometimes, and it might offend you but I simply don’t think so please don’t take it personal. In the mornings I press snooze 7 times because I really don’t want to get up.

A war

The white light of the white moon is reflected on the black water of the black lake. A wide forest of pine trees, dark silhouettes against the bright sky, surrounds the glade that lies silent and untouched. The tips of the trees are moving slightly in the wind like brushes that are painting the contours… Continue reading A war


Nepal, you changed me. You made me asking questions about everything that always seemed obvious. You took away the programs I followed for the last 23 years and showed me a way of life that’s full of happiness, freedom and self loving decisions. Your mountains reminded me of my pettiness and the insignificant problems that… Continue reading Nepal

Nosara, Costa Rica

The time runs as the soft sand runs through my fingers every day. Everyday I walk the beach, the whole 10km, wondering how the surface of the ocean changes with the different daytimes, clouds and winds. Watching crabs, birds, turtles and lizards in there natural habitat. There are no buildings on this beach – the… Continue reading Nosara, Costa Rica


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