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About me

It's been a while since I introduced myself. Hey there, my name is Katharina, inspired designer, heartfelt yoga teacher, passionate writer, trained nutrition coach, and adventurous digital nomad full of love for animals, nature, arts, and the simple beauty life holds at any moment. Childhood I was born in Germany, Fürth, on 08.08.1996, blessed with… Continue reading About me

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Vorsorge: Ein Häuschen in Mexiko?

Hallo allerseits! In den letzten Wochen habe ich einiges an Kilometern gut gemacht. Von Tulum ging es nach Mexiko City, von Mexico City nach Oaxaca City (die schönste Stadt, die ich jemals gesehene habe!), von dort nach Mazunte, von Mazunte nach Puerto Escondido, und von dort über Mexico City wieder zurück auf die Yucatan Halbinsel,… Continue reading Vorsorge: Ein Häuschen in Mexiko?

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Travel Tips Tulum

Hey everybody! After 4 weeks of staying here, I made some quite beautiful experiences in Tulum I really want to share with you. Tulum is THE destination in Mexiko when it comes to yoga, lifestyle and insta-grammable places. The beaches here are really divine when they're not covered in seaweed. Unfortunately, the masses of the… Continue reading Travel Tips Tulum