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Conscious living trek, Nepal

Hey there everybody! As most of you know, my name is Katharina. What some of you might not know, is that I am a Yoga & Breathwork instructor. My breath work practices take you on a journey of gentle rhythms between the subtle and yet powerful flow of the breath intertwined with body movement which… Continue reading Conscious living trek, Nepal

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Ghachok 3.0

A quiet village at the foot of the Annapurna. Rice fields dominating the landscape. Farmers populating the valley. Dogs are bark, birds are sing, cicadas chirp, all melting into a symphony of nature. The surrounding hills show different shapes and corridors each unfolding with different lighting, weather and time. I could spend hours just starring… Continue reading Ghachok 3.0

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Mini Trek to Australian Camp

We’ve just climbed up to Australian camp (2400 m) to go for a mini trek over the weekend to check out some beautiful retreat spaces up in the mountains. It’s quiet, so quiet, and the Fishtail + Annapurna peaks seem so so so close but I know, that this is a big illusion. What looks… Continue reading Mini Trek to Australian Camp

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About me

It's been a while since I introduced myself. Hey there, my name is Katharina, inspired designer, heartfelt yoga teacher, passionate writer, trained nutrition coach, and adventurous digital nomad full of love for animals, nature, arts, and the simple beauty life holds at any moment. Childhood I was born in Germany, Fürth, on 08.08.1996, blessed with… Continue reading About me

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The guardian of the forest

With ice-cold fingers, the fog reaches for the trunks of the ancient trees, shreds of cloud get caught in the protruding treetops. The trees hardly notice the time that passes for any other living being in the forest. It has no effect on the ancient giants that survive in the eternal fog. Time is not… Continue reading The guardian of the forest

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Die Herrin des Waldes

Der Nebel greift mit kalten Fingern nach den Stämmen der uralten Rhododendronbäume, Wolkenfetzen verfangen sich in den ausladenden Kronen. Die Bäume nehmen die Zeit, die für die Lebewesen des Waldes vergeht, kaum wahr. Sie hat keine Auswirkung auf die uralten Giganten, die im ewigen Nebel überdauern. Zeit ist hier nicht von Bedeutung, denn der Fluss… Continue reading Die Herrin des Waldes