My Yoga journey started six years ago. During my studies I barely paid any attention to my physical well being. A lot of parting, no movement, lots of alcohol and other rharemful substances etc.

When it comes to yoga, I always put a lot of pressure on me. 

I want to balance on my hands faster, achieve the full split within a week and do the most fancy positions without any practice. 

I sometimes don’t leave space for the beauty of the process, for the satisfaction of learning and the soft tickling sensation of slow progress. 

While being so obsessed with the end result, I often forget that the path itself holds so much beauty, potential for growth and wisdom. That I achieve my goals while practicing, not while mastering the perfect handstand, scorpion and wheel. 

I forget that yoga is not about standing on your head and twisting your body into most fancy positions – yoga is about standing strong on your own feet, being grounded in your own presence and balancing your past, your future, all your emotions in a healthy way and take that off the mat into your everyday life. 

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Finding presence

I might change the title to searching presence. Lately, I’ve been a lot in my head spinning around money, success, relationships, my lifestyle, and my choices. Being triggered by an environment mainly based on looks and typical success stories that don’t leave much space for actual happiness created by ones true expression but contentment created…

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Women are the source of life

We are the origin of life, closely connected to the source and the source itself. We carry the seeds of creating life, the physical ability, and mental strength to create something new, the origin of pure power and balancing force in the universe.  That’s why men seek to control us. That’s why men fear women…

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Meditation sucks

A peaceful and quiet place. Maybe the beach, maybe a rooftop. The only sound comes from birds and the wind softly touching the palm trees. It’s early in the morning and the sun is just about to rise, touching and caressing my skin with the first warm sunbeams making their way down to earth. The…

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Breathe your fat of

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I recently started my 200h breath work instructor training. Coming from a Pranayama background, I always knew the breath was kind of important. Kind of regulating the nervous system. Kind of key for a balanced, strong, and steady practice. One year ago, when I went through…

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Women on fire

I am alive, and I am healthy.  I have a job.  I have food every day.  I have a roof over my head wherever I go. I was blessed with education.  I have clean water coming out of the tab.  I can travel wherever I choose to.  I have time and space to take care…

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