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More money = more healing?

I’ve been struggling with my internal dialog lately. Insecurities, lack of self love, negative self talk, doubts and negative beliefe systems from the past. Don’t get me wrong, all this is beautiful. It means progress. It means growth. It means personal expansion. It means, after all, suffering too. 

I‘ve been so involved in so many things lately: work, rebranding, networking, getting my teachings out there, studies, workouts, learning new skills on an off the mat, fostering a cat and taking care of my environments needs that I‘ve pretty much forgotten what my needs are. Space. Silence. Stillness. Me time. 

So after a few weeks I came to a point of realization that what I need to finish off and progress in all this processes is a retreat. So I jumped online, looked for one, and was shocked. 

I don’t earn badly, and I have a pretty good lifestyle, so I can afford this, but the healing arts available out there are simply just available for the upper parts of society. What about the ones that need it the most, but don’t have the funds? What about those from poor backgrounds, willing to do the work, but not having the money to pay for it? What about those who keep our society running, desperately in need of a break, but are limited in their financial situation because they bring up children?

That’s why I feel  it is time for a little update and reintroduction to what Zenith Sanctuaries projects, what my teachings, are all about…

Zenith Sanctuaries started out in Nepal as a community project vision, back in 2014, where a safe space could be provided for anyone seeking to awaken or heal generational traits and emotional wounding.

The concept brought to life in this vision was, and still is today that retreats, trainings or workshops are realistically only available to a very small portion of folks around the world because of the often high costs in attending these courses.

This is where a “volunteer for accommodation and/or training” design was put into planning for the upcoming Zenith Sanctuaries sites in Bali, Nepal and Greece, along side of regular retreat attendance packages.

Our hopes and goals are to provide equal grounds for anyone to learn and perhaps also for the healing arts to be shared, offered and made available in all demographics and communities around the world…

Our philosophy is that money should be circulated in all of society so our aim is to perpetuate our programs into becoming community projects that provide financial growth both locally and equally internationally, and as a means to keep building more available safe spaces around the globe.

So all of our events are designed to raise funds for the manifestation of these projects, and to build a community of like minded facilitators and students along the way who may see this vision as something they resonate with.

I do believe that as a united healing community we can not only manifest this vision and thrive together but also take an opportunity to give back into the world and set an example of shared abundance and perhaps also help tame down a scarcity narrative that leaves our world in an illusion of separation and competition.

We would love to find new collaborations on our future projects and connect in with new ideas on this vision.

Until our centers are up and running we need funds to create this vision and ask for your help in getting the word out there on our upcoming fundraising retreats and projects.

Hope to see you on one of our upcoming meetings or retreats in Nepal or Bali this year, or in Greece next June.

PS: I found one event, after all, and I start today with a 3 day silent meditation retreat … The last Vipasana was a disaster, let’s see what this does. Keep tuned!

Love and blessings 

1 thought on “More money = more healing?”

  1. Fascinating and thank you for the introduction to your plans I didn’t know all this. Noble plans that speak to the fundamental transformation that must take place if we are to create other ways of being than those dominant in the material world.


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