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Do you have a plan?

You don’t always need a plan.

I didn’t have one when I started to travel 3 years ago, I still don’t have one now.

A plan is something so rock solid, so limited and so closed off that right there, outside of the plan, life runs by waving around with one solid opportunity after the other. You don’t grab them, because you have a plan. Does the plan make you happy?

Things change, evolve and grow. What was solid and real 3 years ago might look entirely different today. What happens when the plan is not what you want anymore?

That’s why we don’t need plans, we need visions. We need dreams and stories and fantasies and hopes and aspirations and goals, all shiftable and flexible at any time in life.

You have a plan, with a solid end result, and it doesn’t work out the way you want it to work out, you’ll be disappointed. Why? Because you’re attached to the outcome. You block the potential of the flow of life itself, putting so much effort into the manifestation of a plan leading to a particular result will distract you from what actually counts. Because it doesn’t matter if you’ll have the business, the car, the partner and the wealth. What matters is how you’ll want to feel, how you’ll see yourself, the true you, not hidden and colored by physical possessions.

Let your plans become dreams. Focus on how you’ll feel when you have the business running, when you drive the car or when you have the partner. You’ll be surprised what will be thrown your way and where you’ll actually start to feel the way you wanted to. Let me put it that way right: With your plan, you have one possible scenario you base your future happiness on. With a vision, you have thousands of possible scenarios that can lead you to exactly that state of happiness.

You have a vision, a dream, a goal you’ll be going on a journey to enjoy the path leading you towards what you want to achieve. You embody a feeling, not the solid structure of things. You live by an emotion, a colorful vision full of all the things YOU want to become, not how you want the world around you to be.

Because that’s all you can control, right? So live the dream, live the vision and get so attached to the way you want to feel, fall in love with YOU and not the plan, that there is no other option than actually becoming that version of yourself. That there is no other option for the vision than to grow and evolve and ever change as you do, so the plan, the vision becomes a part of you, and you become the vision. That there is no other option than you sharpening your perception of the present moment so much that you just reach that state of flow, tap into your own power, and watch your life unfold around you exactly as you envisioned it to be.

4 thoughts on “Do you have a plan?”

  1. Another terrific post I think dream vision aspirations allow for the actual journey to them to take its own shape and adapt as circumstances change Attachment is the root cause of suffering

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