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Emotional resources

We’re all acting the best with the resources available to us at every moment.

Your partner, your mother and your siblings always act with what’s available to them in the moment. It’s always their story, their feelings, their resources, not your. They do the best they can to handle the present moment, sometimes coming not from a place of love but more from a space of emotional survival.

So do you.

However you react in any situation to anything that comes up, you always deal with it the best you can with the resources available to you at the time.

Means: You’re triggered, and you react. If you react like an erupting volcano or in a more balanced, peaceful kind of way entirely depends on the emotional space, the tools and the experience the conscious part of your mind has access to right now.

Those tools can be a whole bunch of things like breath, communication rules or working with your self worth.

Coming from a place of emotional reactivity facing triggers resulting in huge outbursts with tears, hurt feelings and damaged relationships often leaves us in a space of regret, guilt and suffering.

Recognizing such patterns is the first step. Second is to find the tools and resources that help you to detect and overcome trigger driven reactions. Third is to integrate gently into your every day life without being too harsh in yourself.

Learning is a progress that needs time to travel from the conscious part of the brain into the subconscious to over write old patterns and require neurological connections.

The good thing is: this can be learned, quickly. Using breath, meditation and even nutrition helps you to rewrite most of your old believe systems and trauma responses to offer you a new set of resources to handle life in a more successful and peaceful way.

All you need is you, and your full commitment.

If you’re looking for a new set of tools to overcome old triggers and bring your relationships to the next level – I’m here to help you.

The breath is the most powerful tool to ground us into presence and into the physical body to overcome the constant loops of the analytical mind.

Once we arrived entirely into the present moment, the breath offers us a tool to move from thoughts to feelings and emotions, choosing the one that serves us the most to achieve whatever we desire.

There are many ways to get into that state of creation; meditation, breathwork, yoga nidra or even long walks in nature can get you there.

Have you worked with those principles before? Let me know in the comments!

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