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Soul seeking

I seek my soul within.

Taking time to wash my wounds in salty waters, cover old scars with fine sand and burn out the past with tropic sun on my skin.

For the first time in my life, I take away the succeeding. The doing. The pressure.

Taking a break from the life I wanted to build and stop building but living the exact moment without having to build more.

I wanted to live this life, to travel, run after the sun, the surf and the things in life that make my heart beat faster. Now, where I am here, I forgot to live this life, hiding behind work and the past and excuses that draw me away from the present moment.

For a while, I’ll just go surfing. Do my morning practice, and one in the afternoon if I choose to. Go for long scooter rides in tropical forest along rocky coast to soak in what I achieved without having to achieve more. Time to catch my breath, time to catch my soul.

A little while to breathe, to settle, to enjoy.

We all work so hard. What do we work for though? For building the life we dream of in the minutes we are not busy, in the moments we are not involved in planning, in the brief seconds our minds don’t want to achieve, but relax.

So go and live that life. Take the break. Recharge. Relax.

1 thought on “Soul seeking”

  1. Being present is the only place its possible to build from. Keep doing exactly what you are doing. And keep writing beautifully like this♥️


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