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Women are the source of life

We are the origin of life, closely connected to the source and the source itself. We carry the seeds of creating life, the physical ability, and mental strength to create something new, the origin of pure power and balancing force in the universe. 

That’s why men seek to control us. That’s why men fear women being in power – if women are left to lead, greed and hunger for power, violence, and separation are no longer fed. The dysfunction of the masculine disappears in the shadow of the nurturing feminine, bringing up the protective strength and creative force within the masculine. Without that, the masculine rages seeking destruction, uncontrollable hunger consuming the world, lacking the counterbalance of the grounding feminine directing the creative power of men. 

A majority of the men today forgot that the men’s job is not to keep the women in captivity, but to keep the ground, she walks on safe for her to spread her nurturing energy and balance out his masculine force. 

The feminine is vulnerable, emotional, and nurturing, a thoughtful leader and a wise teacher opening up the emotional side of the masculine. 

Where the women nurture the earth, the men protect and fight the forces to create a safe space for both of them to come together in sacred union and open up the deepest part of each other. 

How could one do that without the other? 

Isn’t the men holding the women when she’s in emotional release, shuttering in orgasm or giving birth to a child?

How could the women open up the vulnerable parts in men, the parts he needs so much to come to his true power, without him creating a safe space for her to use her gift? 

Isn’t the woman holding the man when he needs a safe haven, when he’s injured or when he’s needing to rest?

How could the man feel held and loved and seen without her nurturing his masculinity?

They can’t. 

It’s not about separation, it’s about the union. 

Bringing up the best in each other to join forces into creating a world not determined by inequality but by equality beyond all genders, skin colors, and nationalities. 

1 thought on “Women are the source of life”

  1. I wonder sometimes if you will ever write anything i don’t agree with Many very valid points all well put


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