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How do you breathe?

When was the last time you actually noticed your breath? Noticed how deep it flows? How fast it goes? If you breathe into the belly or into the chest? What does you breath touch inside of you? As I am starting my 200h breath work instructor teacher training, my practice of conscious breathing expands in all parts of life. I notice how I breathe all the time and I can tell you know – if changes with moods, situations and triggers faster than I can grasp. Slowing it down consciously offers me a way out of my emotional reactivity I am just about to open up a little bit more with each day of this practice.

In a book about pranayama I read recently I found an amazing expiation about the breath I really resonated with. Pranayama comes from the term Sanskrit prana, which means power of breath or life force, and Yama which is the Hindu god of death. Yama give you a certain amount of breaths when you are born and when you used them all, he is taking them back and Leads your soul into the next stage. Looking at it like this, pranayama is literally the art of expanding your life. The slower you breathe, the more lifetime you have. This is just one interpretation and I am not claiming to be right, just sharing one view on it.

We can survive weeks without food, days without water but just a few minutes without oxygen? But looking at the dynamics of the breathing process, it’s not only oxygen we need. Did you know that …carbon dioxide is as important as oxygen for you to survive?

Whether we breathe thirty or five times a minute, a healthy body will always have enough oxygen. But carbon dioxid, which is quint essential for processes like detoxification, weight loss and stress reduction is what we actually need.

In modern days society, 30 breath a minute are considered normal. 6-12 are actually normal. With that breath rate, a healthy balance in between oxygen and carbon dioxid is guaranteed. With bonus carbon dioxide, we gain higher aerobic endurance, more focus and more balance within action and reaction caused by external triggers.

Overbreathing, as it is practices by more than 80% of the population, leads to a lack of carbon dioxide in the body and so brings toxins to linger longer than necessary in the body.

Strongly connected to asthma, anxiety, hypertension, heart diseases, Bronson inflammations and headaches, overbreathing through the mouth causes disturbance in blood circulation, blood pH level and metabolism.

Work breathwork, you will not only escape chronic illnesses (more about current research on my blog) but improve sleep quaintly, concentration, sexual activity, general health, energy level and expand your body mind connection but also get a chance to tap deeper into your emotions hidden in between shallow breath and tensed up posture.

We will teach you to slow down, settle and calm your breath so your body steps back into the natural cycle of tapping into its own healing power.


Conscious living treks, Nepal
9th -21st October & 13th – 25th November

Send me a message for more info – I would love to have you with me on that path of self discovery through the Himalayas 🙏🏼♥️

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