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Breath & Movement

In my classes, we tap into the power of our deepest breath. In nowadays society we barely ever get the chance to take a deep, relieving breath into the belly. Stress, pollution, noise, and an unbalanced lifestyle lead to a shallow breath coming from the chest, not the belly. When we are tensed up by stress, we lose about 70% of our six liters of lung capacity. Constantly running on the sympathetic nervous system (fight&flight) puts important processes like deep sleep, detoxification, and optimal function of the nervous system in second place, wrong breathing can lead to apnea, depression, poor digestion, lack of concentration, and high emotional reactivity.

Every single system in our body relies on oxygen to function properly. Scientifically proven, deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange, slows down your heart rate, and ultimately signals the brain to slow down. Tapping deep into your breath, you recalibrate your nervous system into the parasympathetic part and boost your focus and intention. With that awarenes, we githt stress, mild depression, overweight, unhealthy sleeping habits and poor digestion to come out of the practice as a more healthy, centered and balandcer verison of ourselves.

How do you get there? After an introduction to the breath, we slowly start moving. Aligning the berath with the transition and holding the asanas for several cycles while deeply focusing on belly breathing brings out incredible strength in the core. Slowly flowing through the with vinyasas connected asanas, we let the breath shape the posture to cleanse the body mentally and physically. Combined with pranayama, meditation and breathwork we recalibrate your mental state in 90 minutes of blissful movement towards more mental and physical well-being. 

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