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You‘re the creator

No one is going to come and set the world around exactly like you want it to be. No one will rescue from your own shadows as your heart ist filled with sadness and despair. No one will pull you out of the hole you managed to get yourself into. No one will get you the job, the girlfriend, the money.

Who will change your life but you?

Once you start to accept that you, and only you, are entirely responsible for what you make out of you own life you will start to see real changes. Taking on responsibility for you own actions and your own choices will lead to empowerment. Leaving the role of the passive observer and becoming the creator is what will lead to real alignment in the end. Stepping out of the inner dialog that tells you „something is happening to me“, accepting things as they are and asking you I stead „what can I do to change the circumstances?“

Passively observing your though patterns and what’s going on inside of you – yes. Become aware of where the emotions sit in your body and what your needs are, right now, in this moment will bring you further to what you want to achieve in life.
Letting yourself fall in to role of the victim – no. Feeling let down by the world because you don’t receive love won’t change the circumstances. Becoming aware of a lack of love and then putting the love out there, open to receive what comes back as a reflection of your own actions is key to making changes

You‘re responsible for what you make out of every single moment the universe throws your way. Will it be an obstacle or a challenge? A problem or a chance to find a solution?

Will you be the victim of your own choices or the creator of your reality?

The only way to create the life you want is to go and create the life you want.

The only way to make things changing is to go and change them.

The only way to be happy is to go and choose happiness, every day.

3 thoughts on “You‘re the creator”

  1. Yes exactly Rina. I’ve been thinking about the idea that there is nothing good or bad, it all just is, and there’s nobody out there controlling our lives like a puppet master or whatever. Excellent questions for people to ask themselves. All the time too, not just once but ongoing


    1. I really think it’s just the labels we put onto experiences that make us suffer from it in the end. Why? Because it pulls us out of the present moment. Thank you so much for your input!


      1. Exactly The present is the whole thing. Labels are like a way to pretend things are a certain way and that’s attachment And as you know that makes suffering 😱


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