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México – Nepal 

Moving from down to up, from the ocean to the mountains, from hot to cold reflects the polarities we are all dealing with everyday. Isn’t it that what makes life so beautiful, the constant ups and downs, the tension in between the two, the experience of one holding allowing the other to take place. One can’t exist without the other but finding the balance in between is key to not remaining still in an existence ever rules by endless suffering. Extremes are what an attraction to intensities draws you to – can you experience both without getting attached to one? 

Finally, after two years of experiencing the extreme polarities of anticipation and then, after long periods of planning, heavy disappointment, it happened. Attachment to the outcome transformed into surrender. The opportunity came up, things aligned and finally, I was able to make the move over to this part of the world. I jumped on a plane, and here we are.

Nepal feels, every time a little bit more, like coming home. This place reminds me of where all this started – two and a half years ago on a trip that was supposed to be fife months and is still running today. 

My choice of lifestyle allows me to travel spontaneously. My business is portable and flexible and independent. My belongings more than manageable. My hunger for adventure – insatiable. 

Grounding myself into the present moment with showing gratitude to what I have, embracing the fireworks of possibilities life holds in any second and craving for nothing but what is right now deconstructs all the trauma and hurt from the past and opens up my soul for the ever raging flow of life. 

In intense preparation for the upcoming events, I am so excited to soon share another chapter with you. I will hold space for workshops, retreats and treks to happen here in beautiful Nepal, finally sharing what is meant to be shared. Stay tuned, beautiful programs will be released soon, available for you on- and offline.

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