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About me

It’s been a while since I introduced myself.

Hey there, my name is Katharina, inspired designer, heartfelt yoga teacher, passionate writer, trained nutrition coach, and adventurous digital nomad full of love for animals, nature, arts, and the simple beauty life holds at any moment.


I was born in Germany, Fürth, on 08.08.1996, blessed with the most beautiful parents anybody could dream of. My childhood I spent pretty much outside. My dad, an architect, always took me out on adventures. I learned skiing once I could stand on my own feet, was taken out on hikes, on long camping trips along the Portuguese coast, was taught how to make fire, how the shoot an arrow with a self-made bow, learned how to farm vegetables and herbs as well as how to determine plants and mushrooms. He taught me the connection to nature, plants and animals. My dad made me an explorer and passed on intuitive knowledge of how to judge a situation like a storm, injury, my own boundaries, or another person realistically which saved my ass a million times already. I remember him reading bedtime stories to me every night, and he always chose the most fantastic ones, inspiring me to use my own inspiration and phantasy to create my own stories. From Karl Marx (not so fantastic, but fundamental education ;-)) over Astrid Lindgren to Michale Ende, he brought the biggest of European literature to the edge of my bed where he spent hours reading to me. Those early childhood memories are still one of the strongest sources of inspiration for me today. Dad taught me to see the beauty within everything and to interpret, recreate and add my own message in paintings, photography, and novels.

My mum, super conscious about health and especially organic food, always paid a lot of attention to a very toxin free environment leading to cotton clothing in natural colors (not really pretty), whole wheat bread instead of baguette nobody wanted to trade at the schoolyard and recycled paper books with, back then, greyish kind of color. I never had chocolate, I always had an apple. Back then, I hated her for all this. Today, I couldn’t be more grateful. My mum and I, both leos and stubborn, fiery characters always used to bump into each other with the energy of two supernovas meeting in the cold vacuum of the universe. We discussed absolutely everything, without exception, often ending with tears (for me). I thought we just don’t get along. Today, my mum is my absolute favorite person to talk to. We have the most beautiful discussions about god and the world, still different opinions, but I am much closer to understanding her point of view. She made me help in the house a lot which I hated, as well, but now I know that my mum successfully raised me to be a health-conscious, independent, and strong-minded woman.

We always traveled a lot, always camping when I was young. In Italy, we went quite a few times in the summers and today the Italian kitchen is still the one I would choose if I had to pick one way of cooking for the rest of my life. We went to Portugal, Spain, France, Poland and to Austria every winter for skiing. My parents took me to the canary islands, my dad took me to Russia, my mother to Egypt. I was blessed to see so many different cultures from an early age and was able to form a state of mind that remains open and tolerant for most of the time. With so much traveling, I was given the chance from early childhood on to be really artistic. I played with mud and colors more than with dolls forming crazy cups and creating color explosions on any surface. I painted so much and am still grateful for my mum receiving any ugly painting with a smile and a compliment about its beauty to me as an artist.

When I was 9 years old, my sister was born. For the first years, she was my everything. Then she started to talk and the to have her own opinion she didn’t hesitate to express it quite clearly. With almost 10 years in between us, we didn’t share many interests. She was, and still is, pretty vocal. Like siblings are, there was a lot of fighting, spitting and hair-pulling. I was pretty mean, especially because she got much more attention than I did, but today she kicks my ass with her sharp mind and tongue. It took us a while until we really connected but today she is my absolute favorite human. I admire her stubborn intelligence, her sarcastic humor, and her strong advice in any situation. I can’t believe she’s younger then me where she’s so much wiser.

Studies & parties

School was easy, maybe too easy, so I started to do all sorts of nonsense quite early. Fell in love with the wrong guys, smoked, drank and was just a pain in the ass for everybody around me. At s16 I turned into a party animal being in love with expensive stuff. When I finished high school with really good grades, that party animal side of me got huge. I fast found my access into the Techno scene and everything that comes with it. In the following five years, I spent pretty much every weekend in the clubs. At 17 I started working in bars (necessary to afford my lifestyle), and I was working ever since.

Partying wasn’t the only thing I was doing. Right after school, I wanted to go to an art Academy to become a full-time artist. Looking at the fact that less than 1% of artists can actually make a living from their art my parents suggested to maybe go to university to study architecture. Dad’s an architect for monument preservation and he always took me into old churches, showed me around his construction places, and taught me how to use tools. Looking at my passion for design and functionality, I took on my parents’ advice and started my studies. The first year, I was working in a bar, then I was working in several architecture offices and then in my fathers’ office and in a bar to get enough money for my semester holidays where I always went to travel. My first trip alone was to Iceland, then we went to Thailand and Cambodia, after that to Peru and Chile, then volunteering in South Africa and many other short trips in between. The closer I got to my bachelor thesis, the more I worked.

4 years and endless sleepless nights of model building, drawing, and 3D modeling later I finished my bachelor. University was hard. Less than 50% of the people that started with me actually made it to the end. The professors’ critics were hard, the workload overwhelming. So many nights of cutting small pieces for models, so many hours staring into computer screens, so many tears and frustration outbursts turned me into a creature I really didn’t like. I ate terribly, I didn’t move, I didn’t sleep, too much alcohol and drugs. I turned overweight, depressed, sluggish, unhappy with my work life, my relationships, my body. My self-love was at its lowest. At that point, I already discovered Yoga but was far away from establishing a solid routine because of hangovers and depression. I woke up in terrors of nightmares every night. I had fast food, every day, trying to compensate for things that were going sideways emotionally. I forgot, every day a little bit more, who I was. That free-spirited girl driven by curiosity and passion was hidden behind curtains of unhappiness. I needed to make a change. Long before I finished my bachelor I knew what I had to do after – taking a half year off, the year I didn’t take off after school and going traveling the world. I had to go alone.

The never ending trip

I booked my trip, firstly going to Nepal, then to Mexico, and ending the journey in Namibia. I remember saying goodbye to my sister. We were in tears, hugging tight, for fifteen minutes at the time. Nowadays we have a solid routine when it comes to goodbyes – they all know I am here, all the time, just a phone call and a flight away, and even if I miss my family, especially my sister, every day I still know that we have this magnificent connection that will never, ever die. We are there for each other. I packed my backpack and left, landing in Kathmandu. That feeling of freedom I can’t describe to anybody who hasn’t experienced it themselves. Leaving, and knowing it’s for a while, with just your bag and your thoughts gives so much space. So much space for you, unbothered by other people’s voices and the daily hustle and bustle in our busy lives. Arriving in Nepal in late August 2019 I was overwhelmed by the city. Like the universe plays, I was sitting next to someone on the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara who gave me a whole new outlook on life. A Yoga and Meditation teacher from Australia building a center in Nepal, needing an architect. Today, I call this person my partner. After 21 treks in the Anapurna region where I came to my limits, physically and emotionally, many times. After that, I came to the construction site and volunteered as an architect for the construction. I quickly fell in love with the culture, the land, the mountains, the project and meditation practices, and started to establish a solid yoga and meditation routine.

Because my flights were already booked, I moved on to Mexico where I did not feel comfortable at first, and got the chance to go on a surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica. There I got the chance to fully experience the effects of yoga on the body and started to step into a very strong own practice. My yoga routine got a non-negotiable part of my day and still is, evolving, expanding, and ever-changing. Completely free, just busy with surfing, yoga, and dancing I had the most beautiful time of my life in those months in Costa Rica. There was so much movement, sun, salt, good food, and nice people that my creativity was just exploding. This was the first time the thought of creating a lifestyle where constant traveling was a possibility. I said goodbye to Costa Rica, moved on to Namibia where I traveled through the desert in a van experiencing endless nature and every lasting silence. What was just an idea before turned into a vision. I wanted to travel and work at the same time.

That half a year I planned to travel turned into one year, two years and is still running today. After a quick stop in Germany, there were another 4 months in Nepal where I discovered deeper layers of yoga and meditation setting the foundations for an amazing rising of self-love. Covid brought me back to my parents once more, and I went back to university for a couple of months starting into my master’s fast realizing that this wasn’t it. I felt so trapped, so tied down, so held back. I moved to Greece and kept on studying from there (thanks corona) slowly lurking around freelancing platforms. Once I got my first job, I was out of uni within the blink of an eye. I founded sparchitecture, organized all the paperwork in Germany, and am happy ever since with being my own boss. If you are looking to do the same, please contact me. There is always free advice available. Today, I run my own digital design studio. Combining skills like graphic artistry, web design, content creation, and media management, I offer a unique service for brand design to create an unforgettable recognition value for clients on all platforms, online and offline. I help brands to establish their mission on Instagram and other social media platforms. On the side, I am building a small copywriting business to do what I really love – writing in all forms.

From Greece, we moved on to Mexiko where I started to live a real digital nomad life. Yoga and meditation are a massive part of my day, every day. Without my morning routine, you can be sure that the work won’t be properly done. Studying yoga for many years, I decided to participate a professional yoga teacher training to get my official title as a Yoga Teacher. Today, I am working on offering online workshops to share the most beautiful parts of my yoga journey hoping it will help you to rise in self-love, confidence, and peace. Another part of my work is, thanks to mum and dad, nutrition. I am studying to become an ayurvedic nutrition coach right now hoping to revolutionize your health not only with movement, breath, and meditation but choosing the right diet for you and your personal ailments, allergies, and personal preferences as well to revolutionize your general well being to live a more fulfilled and joyful life in a healthy body.

Today, I am thriving. I am happy, I am in love with life and especially myself. I am still trying, I am still getting started but there is one thing I learned for sure on this journey – if you keep going, things manifest faster than you think.

Thanks for reading ❤️

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  1. Goodness me Katherina What an extraordinary life so far And you are only at the beginning Thank you for this❤️

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      1. If anything it’s more exciting now Just different I’m glad we’ve met Rina 🙏❤️


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