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Moving on

Life is all about going on. 

Going on with your duty, missions, dreams. Going on with what you have to do and with what you want to do. Going on with relationships, friendships, going on with your life. 

A big part of going on is letting go, in fact, it’s the same for me. 
Letting go of your duty, mission, dreams. Letting go of what you have to do, and letting go of what you want to do. Letting go of relationships, friendships, letting go of life. 

What might sound quite negative at the beginning is actually something quite positive. Letting go of life doesn’t mean you have to die right now, it actually just means letting go of the expectations which are so entangled with your actual life that you sometimes don’t even know what you’re living right now. 

Are you actually living life or are you living an idea of it? Are you living the expectations of your parents, partners, friends, the expectations of society? 

I started this journey with huge expectations on what was going to happen and how it’s gonna be. The reality turned out to be a universe away from what I expected, and often my expectations take away the divine beauty of the present experience. 

Going with the flow seems to be the key here, but is also a spiritual term that annoys the shit out of me. Where am I supposed to flow? I have dreams, visions, and ideas of what I want and how I want it. Going with the flow in the last months brought me (job vise) to a place where I actually don’t want to be. Going with the flow out of here? I don’t think so. 

I think, the key point here is to have a clear idea of your own personal needs, desires, and dreams. The power of manifestation and consistency drives you forward, pushes you, attracts matching energies, makes you shine and sparkle in your own light, together with the neutrality of low expectations (and less stubbornness) can open up hidden doors leading you to the hidden gems of life. 

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