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About the breath

When was the last time you were really breathing?

When did you take the time to feel, sense, and observe the lungs expanding when oxygen is flowing down your throat?

When were you fully conscious with the simple act of breathing?

When a child is born, the lungs inflate with the first breath taken. With full lung capacity, babies breathe deep into the belly, using the diaphragm as a muscle to push the inner organs down and make space for as much oxygen as possible. When we get older, we often lose this ability. Stress tenses up the body and from the approximately six liters of lung capacity, the average adult is only able to use 30%. 

Every single system in your body relies on oxygen. Proper breathing does not only provide you with great mental clarity, but also helps you to digest your food properly, improves your sleep, boosts your immune system, and reduces your stress level. 

Scientifically proven, deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange, slides down your heart rate, allows the body to take in more oxygen, and ultimately signals the brain to slow down. Hormones and cortisol are balanced out, endorphins are set free. 

Deconstructing long learned patterns of shallow breathing will reconnect you with your body, mind, and soul, will help you to let go and move on to whatever life holds for you fully energized.

Reconnecting with the breath can be an amazing journey full of joy, grief, and intense emotions. I often experience adults having to start to learn how to breathe from scratch. It first seems hard but the results are incredibly rewarding. Be ready to go on a mental, physical, and emotional journey to fully enter your nervous system through the breath and rise in self-love to a more truthful and satisfying expression of who you really are. 

Contact me for more information about conscious breathing, breath work, and breath and movement or find out more about my yoga journey here.


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