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Where’s the love?

We are all just constantly busy hiding. Hiding emotions, hiding extra kilos, hiding little lies and big ones too. So busy covering our tracks of what is not „appropriate“, „trendy“, „normal“ or „ pretty“ due to society’s standards. 

I hide like… all the time. I find myself too emotional, too vulnerable, too weak. I consider my nose to be too long, my thighs too big and my skin way too covered with cellulite. 

I want to be tougher, stronger, skinnier because here on Instagram everything is tougher, stronger, and skinnier. Even if I do work as a social media manager (editing included) and know, how much work people put into the perfect picture, I am still affected by the ideal body, mind, and soul promoted by influencers. But in the end, we are all way too busy judging ourselves to judge others.

Let’s share open what we are passionate about. Let’s put all our thoughts, emotions, and feelings out there. Let’s share the picture, even if it’s not perfect. Let’s be real, let’s let people in, let’s expand. 

The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people’s opinion of you. 

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