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Where is it, the freedom that is held so high in nowadays world? 

Isn’t it an illusion, settling in the gaps between work and sleep, doesn’t it linger in between words and thoughts, hidden behind intentions, agendas, and human needs? 

Isn’t it the silent conductor of the endless and purposeless play of life? 

Get rich, you’ll be free. 
Settle down, you’ll be free.
Follow, you’ll be free. 

Isn’t freedom the everlasting, endless hope that can’t be taken once the sweet taste of it caressed your soul, touched your heart, and illuminated your mind? 

Shouldn’t all living things on earth be at liberty, feel what they should feel, be where they should be, do what they should do? 

Isn‘t freedom the one thing we, all living beings, should all be born with, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of love, without being forced to hand it in, bit by bit, in exchange for a life that does not correspond to our true nature?

But freedom, the puppet player behind the scenes, is not for free, ever hiding from the ones who seek, ever covering its track to not be followed, ever twisting and turning the realities to not be found. 

For a sweet call, you must work, for an intoxicating taste you must pay, for a brief glance, you must fight.

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