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About toxins

It is a fact that humans (and domesticated animals) are pretty much the only species suffering from chronic disease. Allergies, diabetes, sleep difficulties, constipation, skin reactions, depression, and even cancer are something that is mainly found in human bodies and the ones living close to us, eating our food, and breathing our air. These diseases spread wider and wider amongst animals living in the wild due to the increase of our interference with nature. Global toxicity caused by humans is the most unnatural global phenomenon. That’s why I want to bring the thousands of years old concept of fasting and detoxing to your attention. To understand why we fast, we first have to understand what toxins are.

Toxins are pretty much found in all components of the human made environment. The mattress you sleep on at night is most likely treated with fire retardant. The clothes you are wearing are bleached and clouds with chemicals that as soon as washed out get replaced with softeners and scents from cleaning products. The floors you are walking on, just to name one part of man made houses, are stiff off gassing benzene, 4-PC, and PERC are all well known as carcinogenic chemicals. The tap water in most cities is contaminated with antibiotics, hormones, and antidepressants. Those particles are too small the be filtered by filtration systems and way too high dosed for those consuming them to make sure they do their job. In the end, they end up in the water system, circulating until they are consumed by you. Besides that, public water is prepared with chloroform and chlorine to avail any bacteria settling in the pipes. Beauty products, the ones you are putting on your skin every day in the shower and in front of the mirror, contain Aluminium, parabens, and phthalates just to name a few. The medicine you are taking is not any better – dyes, toxic chemicals provide appealing color, consistency, and shape. The fruits and vegetables you buy in the supermarket are most likely treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. In our society, looks matter. So apples, bands, and all different kinds of fruits are harvested way before they are ripe and then contained with toxic gases to stop the ripening process to make sure they arrive perfectly fine in the supermarkets thousands of kilometers away from their origin. Processed foods, basically everything that is packed or in a can are likely to be full of preservatives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, colorants, texturizers, and GMOs. Meat, fish, and other animal products are full of growth hormones and antibiotics. Generally, you can say that the higher an animal is in the food chain, the more toxins the product contains in the end. All those chemicals we breathe, put on our skin and into our bodies where they get stored and disturb our natural balance so heavily that chronic diseases find soil to bloom.

Why is that so bad? Because it’s not natural. Because our current living standards are nothing our bodies are designed to handle. Because the time our bodies are exposed to all these toxins is an invisible dot on the timeline of the human race. No way our genes and bodies were able to adapt. And that’s why detoxing is not a trend for Hollywood folks but a necessity for any person on the planet living in artificial environments. Your cells, your liver, your kidney, and especially your lungs and your digestive system are constantly busy fighting those toxins so they can’t do their job! 

That’s the reason why detoxing and fasting are so healthy. In tomorrow’s post, we will discuss that in detail to give you a clear idea about what fasting actually is and how you can easily support your body’s detox.

There will soon be another article about processed and whole Foods, about what fruits and vegetables contain, and how to make sure to consume the ones that are least toxic. Stay tuned for that! 

Thanks for reading 🤍

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