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Travel Tips Tulum

Hey everybody!

After 4 weeks of staying here, I made some quite beautiful experiences in Tulum I really want to share with you. Tulum is THE destination in Mexiko when it comes to yoga, lifestyle and insta-grammable places. The beaches here are really divine when they’re not covered in seaweed. Unfortunately, the masses of the gross green stuff on the beaches are a by-product of climatic change. The warmer the water gets, and globally the temperature is already significantly higher than 30 years ago, the more comfortable sea weed feels, the faster it grows and ends up more often on the beach. Anyway, the mix of nature, yoga and nightlife here is quite unique. If you plan to travel to Tulum, check out my tips that will definitely make your stay here much more pleasant. Especially if you’re traveling on a budget, check out my tips how to get good prices in rental, transportation and food.

1. Stay in La Veleta

Of course depending on what you’re looking for, I can really recommend you La Veleta as the place to be. A little bit out of all the party and never ending action along the main street, you find beautiful hotels much cheaper than in the center. Nature is much more present here and you get a good night sleep without music and party next door. Here, you find local restaurants with delicious food and reasonable prices.

2. Check out Burrito Amor

Jesus Christ, those burritos… Burrito Amor is a hipp restaurant along the main street towards La Veleta, where you’ll literally find burrito heaven. The ambience is super nice, the stuff super funny and the food couldn’t be any better. Starting from a 100 pesos, witch is 5€, you get a massive burrito with organic and fair traded ingredients, made with love, ready to give your pellet a full explosion of spices, fresh herbes and juicy sauces.

3. Go an visit Sian Ka’an

This national park is actually is biosphere reserve and is definitely with a visit. We went there two times, the first time with just half a tank of petrol and no knowledge whatsoever about the distances to expect. The beaches there, white sand and absolutely no people, are more than beautiful. If you take your time and sit down to observe nature, you’ll eventually get to see dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, all different kinds of paradise birds and even jaguars. Pelicans are hunting for all different sorts of fish and their acrobatic movements are so impressive that I could really sit and watch for hours. The second time we went, with a full tank, we went more than 30k along the coast line, trying to reach the end of the laguna. Impossible, we found out in the end, so I we will try a third time with a tour and see, what that does. Anyway, if you look for exciting jungle walks, untouched nature and lonely beaches you’re definitely right here.

4. Connect on Telegram

If you’re looking for connection with people and always being up to date with what’s happening in town, I really recommend you to get connected to the Tulum party, Tulum expats and Tulum travel groups on Telegram. I meet the most amazing people and joined the most beautiful events because of those groups. Especially if you’re traveling alone, you’ll sure make some friends super fast. The community is open and very helpful if you have questions or need help of any kind. I always get connected with people as soon as I arrive at a new place, not just because it’s nice to chat, but good to get help in risky situations as well.

5. Longterm stay?

If you plan to stay longterm, jump on Facebook marketplace straight away and check out the rental prices there. You’ll find amazing deals for monthly rentals in the best parts of town. Especially for transportation it’s really worth buying a scoot or a bike if you’re staying longer than four weeks. The prices for rental here a quite high because everybody need transportation, so the travelers buy and sell scooters, bikes and all sorts of vehicles on Facebook marketplace for a really good price.

6. Local fruit markets

You find this small shops in every site street, or sometimes they just sell off of the back of the car. I don’t speak ANY Spanish, so I can’t really tell if it’s true, but we have been told that it’s much cheaper to go to the local fruit and veggie markets. Friends told me that they get a full bag of fruits and veggies for a week for less than 5€. True? Probably, but the first time we went we were clearly ripped off, so knowing at least the Spanish numbers definitely helps. Later I found out that there are no fixed prices in places like that, to you can surely barter on the price. Spanish might help there, too. I can’t believe I always paid double in my previous times in South America… So it’s REALLY time to learn Spanish I guess.

So I really love Tulum and the vibe here. Anyway, some new opportunities are coming up and there is a strong call coming from the west coast… The pacific ocean. I had the best time of my life over there in Costa Rica and I really miss surfing. So at the end of next week, there will be a move towards Cancun and then Puerto Escondido from there. You want to know about the best way of traveling in Mexiko, the nicest places and safety tips? Stay tuned on my blog and connect with me on instagram, more Infos coming soon!

If you are around Mexiko right now, I would love to connect with you ❤

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