Places, South America

Nosara, Costa Rica

The time runs as the soft sand runs through my fingers every day. Everyday I walk the beach, the whole 10km, wondering how the surface of the ocean changes with the different daytimes, clouds and winds. Watching crabs, birds, turtles and lizards in there natural habitat. There are no buildings on this beach – the jungle and the ocean blend into each other like they always did. The sand is soft and gentle on my bare feet, seashells that got crushed by the constant power of the waves over millions of years, finer and finer, until the single particles are so small that a human eye can’t separate them anymore. I pick up a handful of sand. It feels warm. That what seemed white and completely uniform at the first view includes bigger pieces in colors as pink, yellow, all shades of beige and even black parts. The noise of the ocean. I listen to this mighty sound, again and again, for hours, and it drives me into a deep state of meditation. My head is silent, no thoughts running, fulfilled and satisfied by just listening to one of the oldest noises on earth. Here, every morning, I get the time alone I was searching for such a long time. Time to think, time to make choices, time to love myself and time just to BE. The town is small, so I keep on meeting the same people. Locals, tourists, travelers and people who got caught by this place. The first hellos and conversations are shy and guardedly. Then, after a few days, we all are suddenly friends. A couple of sunsets later we know each others story, desires and dreams. No boundaries, no holding backs. We are open because there is nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed for. There is one thing we all have in common – we are here to make our dreams come true. We all follow a different paths, we all have different origins and different destinations but everybody is able to get connected in a special way. We all pick out a tiny little part of everybody’s path, wisdom and experience. Nobody is judging, everybody is open to receive the information he needs. We all are travelers, doesn’t matter if we are on a spiritual, healing or self-discovery journey. The sunset connects us here. We all meet at this beach, every single evening, to see the sun come down. Discussing about the color of the sky, the light and the tides. Wondering together about the differences to yesterday and the most beautiful one. Here is mine: The day bleeds into nightfall with red to black. Like blood and ash the both colors are running into each other, joined by shades of yellow, blue and purple. Heavy clouds get lighted by the last sun beams. The sky is on fire. The flames slowly die and the oily black that covers the sky wraps everything in a velvety darkness. Contours disappear. The moon rises and shows itself as a narrow sickle, barely more than a thin line. I can guess the rest of it’s form last evening light. Venus and Jupiter are shining bright directly under the moon. There is no light except the stars, who are now slowly conquering the ever darkening sky. As soon as the last light of the day is expelled from the night, the Milky Way shows up and spans the sky from east to west, full of other far away worlds. I see an obscure reflection of the sky lights on the ocean. This beach! The place where I spend the most of my time. 3 weeks of receiving what the universe gives me, living in the day and being completely present. Riding the waves and feeling my body getting stronger. Finding the balance on my board, learning how to read the waves and the wind. Being surrounded by water the whole time, feeling the flow of life on my skin every day. Hearing this powerful noise, over and over, and not getting tired of it at all. The ocean is movement, change, life, development and the step further. Having all these sensations on my body, mind and soul. I start to surf in the morning, spend the powerful midday sun under my board and go to the water again till the sunset. Not wearing shoes, not at all. They disconnect you from the earth and the energy that it transmits into your body. Lying down at the beach without a towel, totally exhausted after 3 hours in the water. Feeling every single part of my body, being grateful for its strength and power. Dark skin covered with sand and blonde hair full of salt. Dusty clothes because there is no asphalt here. First I complain but then I surrender and learn to love these roads. Not more than a bikini for days. Every gust of wind, every sunbeam and every drop of water on my bare skin. I‘m hungry for live and it’s adventures. I am open to explore everything that seems right at the moment. Enjoying the most beautiful music at spots where you dance bare footed on the sand and still hear the sound of the ocean. I meet people who enjoy music as much as I do. We are all just moving in the way that feels right in the moment. That is the vibe here – nobody tries to please somebody else, everybody is just pleasing himself. It’s 5 in the morning and I have no idea how to come home. Hitchhiking through the whole district at night because nothing can touch me except the light. Don’t be afraid of the dark. If you stay long enough, you will learn how to see. Staying at the beach alone for hours because the connection to the stars here is awesome – there is just my body between me and the universe. But life is change. Getting used to goodbys, because without saying goodby there is no reunion. I learn that there are just individuals who align my path and nobody that can join my way. You always walk alone and choose your company. I am the most important person in my life. Just ask and receive. Doesn’t matter what you are asking for, as soon as you are able the receive with an open mind and soul whatever the universe gives you will find everything you need. Quitting the word hate. It puts power into things I might need somewhere else. Developing rituals in eat, sleep and sport. Getting concious. Nosara, you got me. I will come back.