Nepal, you changed me. You made me asking questions about everything that always seemed obvious. You took away the programs I followed for the last 23 years and showed me a way of life that’s full of happiness, freedom and self loving decisions. Your mountains reminded me of my pettiness and the insignificant problems that seemed to rule my days in Germany. Your people showed me that there is always love to give, always a reason to smile. You opened up my heart. You brought back the unconditional love to my mind, body and soul. You sent me on a journey to find my own dream, my own way free of expectations of other people. You showed me that the power lives in the moment and I am strong enough to go whatever way I choose. Creativity, inspiration and the faith in wonders are now part of my personality again even if I believed they had disappeared during my studies. I am finally one again. My heart hurts since I left, but distance means so little when something means so much. See you in 4 months to go further on this path of pure love and freedom

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