Allgemein, Kurzgeschichten

For everybody

To be continued – leave me your inspiration, wishes and rules of live in the comments, let’s create something ❤️

  1. You are the most important person in your life
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Follow strict routines in sleep, food and sport
  4. Live the moment&have fun within everything
  5. Don’t compare your body, your mind and your circumstances to others
  6. Don’t be jealous
  7. You don’t need a story to be interesting, just be yourself&authentic
  8. If you can’t tell the truth, shut up
  9. Do what YOU want, not what people expect
  10. Love yourself within everything you do, every part of your body is beautiful and blessed
  11. Observe everything, especially about yourself
  12. What bothers you on people bothers you on yourself, reflect that
  13. The universe will give you everything what you are waiting for, you just open up your eyes, mind and soul and take the chance
  14. Don’t care about sweating, have fun and go over the boundaries of your body
  15. Don’t compare to others, again!!
  16. Let all uncomfortable habits go that society imprinted in your mind
  17. Don’t own much
  18. If you choose to love, love without any conditions
  19. Don’t care about people’s opinions
  20. Never apologize, except you hurt somebody mentale or physically
  21. Never see yourself as weak, see your progress in growing strength
  22. If places or people pull you down, leave
  23. Open up your eyes and receive the wonders of live openly
  24. Be a child and stay a child
  25. Walk barefooted
  26. Every bad experience teaches you something so receive them with an open mind
  27. You can do everything
  28. Smile at your face at least 3 minutes a day in the mirror
  29. Get drunk, take drugs, dance till the morning and carry the music in your heart
  30. Eat healthy
  31. Move!!!

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