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The call of the dragon

My head is crying for peace but my body got used to it thousands of meters ahead. My shoulders hurt under the weight of my backpack but the spine greatfully picks up the weight and straightens up under it. My feets are burning but the pain cannot reach my brain anymore. There is a tiny light inside me, somewhere between my rips, that absorbs every single negative emotion. And every time I raise my eyes the light grows. Grows into my lungs an my heart, fills up my whole body center. Because there they are. The peaks of the Himalayas. So much higher than any ruels of reason would allow. The snow on the flanks ist reflected so brightly from the sun that my pupils contract painfully. The light inside my thorax accepts the aching and feeds on it. Clouds are chasing each other around the top. The mountain edges are falling 3000 meters into the deep, looking like the collapsed skeletons of a dead, giant dragon. Light green covers what used to be his rips, dark grey what once was the skull. Sharp edges indicate the ends of his limbs, painting deep shadows to the ground. His fire is still burning, deep in the earth, waiting for a distant day to come free again. A light call, made out of glowing threads of pure power, touches lightly as a feather the inner, deeply hidden part of my soul just to be forgiven one second after. My gaze wanders around, see everything and nothing at the same time. There, were the prank of the dragon crosses the tail of the next sleeping beauty, a valley arises. Layer after layer is staggered one behind the other, creates shades of blue which lead directly into the heart of the mountain from where all the whisper comes from. It pulls me softly into this direction, I feel the incredible desire to explore what is at the other end. I want to reach the origin of this energy to become one with her. I can feel the power surrounding me, taking over my whole body. Our energy’s slowly start to get to know each other, merges with each other – and tears me out of my body with incredible intensity. My light explodes. Finally I am one.

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